Don Quade titled Changing Nature.

Reception with the Artist: Friday, October 6, 5-7 PM

Exhibition Dates: October 6-October 19, 2023                                                        

“This newest solo show at Winterowd Fine Art is meant to be about exploration of the senses through visuals. My paintings for this show reveal my respect for serenity and balance. My most recent paintings aim to capture moments in time that are often universal to the human experience. Engaging beyond just the visual sense, I draw inspiration on the essence of positive feelings generated by nature’s abundant beauty, in its many forms. Painting a flower for example, I focus less on getting the visuals accurate and more on capturing the nuances of the curving gesture of the petals and the calming effect that the scent and symmetry can induce. My hope is to evoke, and I select colors and textures that give wings to the feelings in a visual sense.

My painting is meant to be more about the feelings that arise when focused on a flower, than the exact depiction of the flower. This concept crosses over into many aspects of the painting composition in abstracted and organic geometric shapes.”