Gilberto Romero

To look at a Gilberto Romero’s sculpture is to open one’s heart to joy and grace of movement – a sense of greater connection with the natural world and its mysteries. Through his shape, line, color, and use of negative and positive space, we experience freedom, flow, a pure and playful wonderment.



Apprenticeship,  Gino Miles
Apprenticeship,  Peter Woytuk
Apprenticeship,  Estella Loretto

2017    Winterowd Fine Art, Santa Fe, NM
2013    Kristin Johnson Gallery, Santa Fe, NM
2006 -2013      Pippin Meikle Fine Art, Santa Fe, NM
2005    Gallery 619, Santa Fe, NM
2004    Gallery 619, Santa Fe, NM

2016    Joy, Winterowd Fine Art, Santa Fe, NM
2014    Peter Woytuk | Gilberto Romero –Collaborations, Morrison Gallery, Kent, CT
2013    Debut, Kristin Johnson Fine Art, Santa Fe, NM
2009-2014       26thAnnual Sculpture in the Park, Juried Exhibition, Loveland, CO
2009                Renew, Community Gallery, Santa Fe Convention Center, Santa Fe, NM
2005-2008       Owings-Dewey Fine Art, Annual Invitational Exhibition, Santa Fe, NM
2004-2006       Recycle Santa Fe Art Festival, Santa Fe, NM
2000-2016       Contemporary Hispanic Market, Santa Fe, NM

Private Collection, Edmond, OK –Reflection fountain
Private Collection, Tesuque, NM –Resting Place

Broomfield, CO: Morning Gathering
Carlsbad, NM: Gathering Spot

About Gilberto Romero:

Romero is a hands-on artist, completing all of his work from his studio. Even his cast work, though cast in a nearby foundry, is welded and chased by Romero. His patinas are engaging and varied, ranging from monochromatic to mottled with intricate patterns unfolding. An avid outdoorsman, Romero finds much artistic inspiration from his time in nature.  “I see shapes everywhere,” he shares, and his patient and intuitive nature help him listen as stones “speak” with the possibility of becoming part of a future piece.  Indeed, cast birds play a part in many of his pieces, conjuring for us the idea of flight, expansion, the delightful ability to soar.