Tom Ross Rosenberg

After 25 years of exploring the representational side of life, Tom Ross Rosenberg has launched his “true life’s work” into the exciting and alluring world of abstract painting.

Rosenberg reverse-paints in layers on the back of clear acrylic panels. Vibrant and complex, the art embraces a wide range of color palettes incorporating intricate patterns. While many of the pieces are built around the design of geometric shapes, others are completely organic and free.

“With my technique of reverse painting on acrylic panel, there is always an element of surprise. While I work, I try to keep my logical and academic mind at bay, instead intuitively choosing colors and patterns. Each painting session seems to be an exercise in letting go. Fairly soon after beginning a piece, I lose awareness of time and place, almost as if I’m entering my own meditative state. Each little shape and section becomes a world unto itself.

I’ve now come to realize that the paintings themselves are meditations. My hope is that they will resonate with viewers and reflect the energy in the spirit they were created.”

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Santa Fe Artist, Rosenberg

1981 Columbia University School of the Arts, MFA
1980 Columbia College, New York BA
1969-1976 Albuquerque Academy

2016 “Unforeseen”, Wynwood Exhibition Center, Miami, FL
2015 “Wavelengths”, TR Contemporary, Santa Fe, NM
“Wavelengths”, Morgan Whitney, Miami, Florida
2013 “Formations”, TR Contemporary, Santa Fe, NM
“Metamorphosis” , Tom Ross Gallery, Santa Fe, NM
1998 “Fatherhood”, Hahn Ross Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

2016 “Opening”, Pippin Gallery, Santa Fe, NM
2015 “Santa Fe Artist Emergency Fund”, Blue Rain Gallery, Santa Fe, NM
2014 “New Mexico Connection”, Bernalillo County Public Art, Albuquerque, NM
“SOFAExpo”, Juried Exhibition, Navy Pier, Chicago, IL
“Santa Fe Artist Emergency Fund”, Riva Yares Gallery, Santa Fe, NM
2013 “Common Ground”,  City of Santa Fe Community Art Gallery, Santa Fe, NM
2012 “Birch”, Santa Fe University of Art and Design, Santa Fe, NM
“Group Exhibition”, Townley Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA
2011 “Group Exhibition”, Hahn Ross Gallery, Santa Fe, NM (also 2007-2010)
1994 “Parenthood”, two person exhibition,  Leaping Lizard Gallery, Santa Fe, NM
“Beginning, Middle and End”, Leaping Lizard Gallery, Santa Fe, NM
1992 “Aliens, Archetypes, and Appetizers”,  Leaping Lizard Gallery, Santa Fe, NM 1990    “Scenes of Love”, Carole Laroche Gallery, Santa Fe, NM