Jamie Kirkland Exhibition

Reception with the Artist: Friday, March 24, 5-7 PM

Exhibition Dates: March 24-April 10, 2023                                                   

WINTEROWD FINE ART announces an exhibition of new paintings by Jamie Kirkland.  Jamie is a tremendously skilled and passionate painter. She was the first artist WFA chose to represent almost 20 years ago.

Jamie illuminates her painting method by sharing her thoughts,

“It’s always a quiet whisper part of my process. What I’m to do next. It doesn’t come to me right away, only after a long period of quiet and concentration that I find myself putting certain colors of paint on the canvas. It’s pretty much unconscious how I’m moving that paint around on the canvas. I may be pushing the paint around with a large putty knife, removing it with a folded shop cloth or running it into the color next to it. I’m working really close up at this point. It’s so exciting for me to see that interaction of color and the shifts from dark to light. When I step back I just have this feeling of, Gosh where did that come from? How did that happen. It’s absolutely no conscious thought as I pick up certain brushes or tools to work. Sometimes what I found visually exciting end up getting covered up because the overall harmony of the painting with shape, and color and form. This is the primary goal when I begin and I have no idea how I’m going to get there. I trust the process.”

“When I started the work for this show I just wanted to have the experience of being bathed in the color green. It was such a delightful experience that when I stopped for a minute I realized I had made six green paintings.  And then I thought, What If I create a series of warm paintings to go with them? I like to work in analogous colors, colors on the same side of the color wheel. I am always looking for color harmony and landscape shape relationships. I hope the viewer feels transported by this newest body of work.”