Brian Coffin

Brian Coffin is a Native artist who is creating contemporary paintings that are uniquely textured and heavily layered impasto paintings. Each painting takes time to create and each is a masterful creation of true expression.

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Brian Coffin

Born: 1968 Lawrence, KS


I believe in what the universe has to offer.
In the spring of 2001, living in the Pecos Wlderness of New Mexico my painting career began. As a sculptor I felt as though my true calling had not been realized; that of being a famous oil painter. My father, a sculptor and painter, gave me several blank canvases and asked me to draw a circle on each one and to wait and see what comes to me. Reluctantly, I did so. In the meantime, I continued to sculpt, when one evening, as I was lying in bed, my eyes wide open, a vision appeared before me and I knew this was the gift I was waiting for. My eyes welled up with gratitude as I thanked God, jumped up out of bed and started on my first painting, “In the Beginning”.
I worked around the clock, soon understanding this was to be a long problem solving process turning the vision into reality. Impulsively, I went out and ordered a 56” x 168” canvas, before I had even put color on the “In the Beginning” piece, because I saw where this was going. I would make “In the Beginning” the study for the large canvas without ever knowing how long the process and journey was to take. I was so inspired, I knew I would follow this process through to the end. “Journey to the Soul’s Reflection”  56” x 168” canvas took 5,000 hours to create, was worked on in three different locations in the Western States, over a three year span. I have never felt more blessed and have not stopped painting since. It is my privilege to paint.


2015 Solo Exhibition, Winterowd Fine Art, Santa Fe, NM

2014 Group Exhibition, Modern Illusions In Native American Art, Winterowd Fine Art, Santa Fe, NM

2013 Group Exhibition, My Land, Winterowd Fine Art, Santa Fe, NM

2011 Group Exhibition, Art Walk, Gallery North, Laguna Beach, CA

2010 Solo Exhibition, Hulse/Warman Gallery, Taos, NM

2009 Solo Exhibition, Hulse/Warman Gallery, Taos, NM

Group Exhibition, Rancho de San Juan, Ojo Caliente, NM

Group Exhibition, The Ybor School of Visual Arts Gallery, Tampa, FL

2008 Solo Exhibition, James Gray Gallery, Bergamot Station, Santa Monica, CA