Contemporary Santa Fe Art Gallery on Historic Canyon Road

Tom Kirby: Abstract Minimalist exhibition

Tom Kirby’s atmospheric, transcendental paintings ring true. Kirby captures our delicate moments of clarity. The works are a rich balance of luminescent shimmer and earthy pull. Iconic shapes move steadily upwards, split by fiery reds, cooled and solidified by glacier greens. Like a circle, there are always two sides to the paintings of Tom Kirby: the inside and the outside.

From the outside the viewer experiences the telltale signature of the artist’s process: the cracked and distressed surfaces that evoke a sense of the passage of time, a visceral historical record like the walls of the Alhambra. And yet, there is something else occurring: a powerful resonant silence that seems to amplify with time and shifting light. Upon further scrutiny, perhaps over a period of minutes or even years, this peculiar resonance reveals itself as multiple layers of color that emanate from within the painting, casually unveiled by the simple catalytic interplay of an incidental source of light.

As Tom Kirby explains, “I seek to convey the impression that the moment when light falls upon the surface of the painting is also the moment when the painting is complete– a spontaneous manifestation–as if by an act of nature.” And, as so many collectors of Kirby’s work will relate, it is this particular phenomenon of light in time and place that not only manifests a range of emotive characteristics inherent in the painting itself, but which also mirrors the stirrings of our very souls.

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