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Contemporary Santa Fe Art Gallery on Historic Canyon Road

Suzanne Wiggin Exhibit

Homeland  November 1- 24, 2020

Virtual exhibition: https://fineartsantafe.com/suzanne-wiggin-takes-you-on-a-tour-of-her-new-exhibition-homeland/

Suzanne Wiggin’s landscapes surround us in luminous light and luscious color. They beckon to us, asking us to engage in a dance most intimate. Yes, we are the viewers, and yes, we become the receivers of tremendous beauty awakening a reverence most divine.

The artist is a translator for the natural world. She paints visual poems that communicate from the heart essence of trees, horizon, mountains, spacious skies, the exquisite unknown. We hear through her lavenders and glistening golds, her emerald greens and powder blues how nature speaks: come observe my extraordinary grace, my sensual flow, my wonder. I am vast, I am intimate, together we are harmony. Hold me in admiration, witness my capricious skies express at dawn and dusk.

In experiencing Wiggin’s art, we most definitely become a component in this sacred communion, the conversation between the spirit of nature, the artist, and ultimately our most attuned selves.  The result: an awareness of the oneness of all things; an awakening of the power and loveliness inherent in the natural world; a commitment to acknowledge beauty and how it nourishes us and our souls.

Wiggin is classically trained in both oil painting and printmaking, having studied both here in the U.S. and abroad, receiving her MFA in Painting. Her work is collected nationally in private and permanent collections. Wiggin’s oil paintings and monotypes are currently on exhibit at Winterowd Fine Art.  A poetic symphony of color permeates this newest body of work, as she is inspired by her daily walk in the varied terrain of Taos, New Mexico.



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