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Contemporary Santa Fe Art Gallery on Historic Canyon Road

Please join us September 6-19, 2019 for the delightful pairing of two favorite Winterowd Fine Art artists, Sheryl Zacharia and Don Quade. They are two originals who’s optimistic upbeat personalities are reflected in their rhythmic, lyrical art.

Sheryl Zacharia  explained “The interest and joy for me is the making. Many things inspire my sculptures and their surfaces. The initial goal is that the form must be eloquent and stand on its own. Nature, the human form, ancient and modern art even my surroundings come into play. Ideas come to me in waves and I do a lot of simple sketching. I take those drawings and allow the material itself along with my eyes, hands and heart to evolve. The intention of my art is not to tell a story, but to create objects that influence and enhance the space around them, evoking an emotional response. I am striving to make visual poetry.”

There is something about Don Quade’s mixed media paintings that remind you of gardens and happy days of bright sun, gentle breezes, eye soothing patterns, and sensational colors. His mixed media paintings are from nature: leaves, horizons, trees, shadows, clouds and flowers. But Don filters these things through his artist’s eye, producing abstract works of nature explored.

This two person exhibit will feature 10 ceramic sculptures by Sheryl Zacharia and 10 paintings by Don Quade. Each if these artists finds the other inspiring and proposed the exhibit together.  Meet our artists: September 6th  5-7pm.  We look forward to sharing in our love of art with you.

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