Alex Gabriel Bernstein (CLONE)

Alex Gabriel Bernstein, an award-winning glass artist, creates a bold and refreshing exploration of visual form and story telling.  The artist investigates ideas about the passage of time and the processes of creation and transformation.  Bernstein skillfully combines metaphor with the power and sensuality of sculpted glass, whereby his cast, carved and polished work provide the viewer with intimate narrative landscapes, drawn from light, form and color.

Alex Gabriel Bernstein

2001 MFA, RIT, School for American Crafts, Rochester, NY
1998-99 Glassblowing, David Levi & Dmitri Michealidis, Penland School of Crafts, NC
1994 BA, University of North Carolina, Asheville, Asheville, NC


The forms of Bernstein’s pieces, as well as the techniques he uses to work the glass, reflect processes in nature, such as oxidation, erosion, growth and decay. Many of his pieces evoke images of flowing water, ice crystals, mountain peaks and jagged canyons – all structures that seem solid and unyielding, but are actually in constant flux.  His extraordinary pieces reveal Bernstein’s passion for exploration and discovery.  We witness an exquisitely cut geometric crystal sculpture set against a rusted steel backdrop or a volcanic bursts of cut glass spewing from a steel-encrusted base, layers of transparent color intermingling with ambient light.