Contemporary Santa Fe Art Gallery on Historic Canyon Road

In celebration of Santa Fe’s city-wide coordinated exhibition, “Summer of Color”, Winterowd Fine Art presents an extended group exhibition featuring Winterowd’s exceptional artists.  Winterowd Fine Art is known for discovering and exhibiting contemporary mid-career artists who have distinct and original visions, mastering ofent unusual and difficult techniques that sets their work apart.  Now in its 11th year, many Winterowd artists are instantly recognizable. 

Walking into the gallery, visitors are often struck by ethereal quality of the work displayed; there is a sense of lightness and warmth as each artist plays with the light and color of the natural world.  Santa Fe’s high desert environment of crisp light, magnificent vistas, and emotive sky provides infinate inspiration for artists.

Join Winterowd Fine Art for art and music July 10th from 5-7pm and meet the artists who will gather to celebrate the gallery’s 11th anniversary.  Refreshments will be served.

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