Contemporary Santa Fe Art Gallery on Historic Canyon Road


WINTEROWD FINE ART announces a uniquely created light installation artist Sophia Dixon Dillo.

Sophia Dixon Dillo’s work plays with the contradictory nature of light, which can be both visible and invisible. She integrates transparent materials with all-over patterning to create works that engages. She will be transmuting a room in the gallery into a dynamic space of line, light and shadow.sdd install

Visitors to the gallery have really enjoyed interacting with this unique work of art.

Quotes from our gallery visitors:
  It looks like moonbeams of light.

  I think it is the most unique work of art I have seen all day.

  Dad, mom!  …you gotta see the string art!

Thank you Sophia for creating such a unique work of art to inspire us all.  It has been a true pleasure to show this young artists work.  Please take a moment to view Sophia’s petite installations on our website as well.

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