Contemporary Santa Fe Art Gallery on Historic Canyon Road

WINTEROWD FINE ART announces “Taking Time”, an exhibition of stunning watercolor paintings by Sarah Bienvenu.  Celebrating 30 years of painting in New Mexico.

Sitting on the dry earth over looking the large grove of Aspens change color in the New Mexico sun, Sarah Bienvenu is often found surrounded by the Santa Fe landscape.  She is always ready with her hat, sun block and backpack filled with art supplies.  She paints what she sees: the gentle moving clouds in a clear blue sky, the trees standing in pairs (two pines, two pinion, two cottonwood, another pair of pines), a stream of water etching a line into the earths surface to find its escape down hill, boulders resting together.  Together they create a symphony ready to be recorded by the artist.

Sarah has been painting the New Mexico landscape for 30 years now.  After an extended exploration of our enchanted surroundings, she now returns to her favorite locals near and around Santa Fe:  Cerrillos, La Cueva, Abiquiu, Sangre de Christo Mountains, Rio en Medio and Cannoncito. Though many of her favorite locations are on private land, it is hard for this artist to resist public vistas like the beautiful Aspen groves stretched across the Sangre de Christo Mountains in the late fall.  Sarah prefers to paint outdoors to take advantage of the natural play of colors and shifting light, documenting that which unfolds in front of her.   The ever present change of weather conditions add to the complexity of this way of working

In Sarah Bienvenu’s paintings the clouds, sky, trees, lakes and rolling hills are alternately majestic, poetic and delightful. They seem to exemplify Bienvenu’s sentiments about the beauty and wonder of the places she paints, and to convey the sacred meaning found in nature. Often the feeling conveyed by the artist seems to be one of surprise at having discovered another treasure of the New Mexico landscape behind a stand of trees or in a clearing hidden far from the path much traveled.  As Bienvenu explains, “Sometimes we just want to look at the world around us and see it as it is, in its simple form, not extrapolating or reducing to essentials, just the lovely relationships between what exists; to appreciate the ever-changing nature of nature.”

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