Contemporary Santa Fe Art Gallery on Historic Canyon Road

According to Hegel, “dialectic” is the method by which human history unfolds. Destiny Allison‘s newest body of work is the evolution of her own dialectic.

Using heat, acids and acrylics in various combinations, her paintings on steel are reminiscent of experiences and landscapes we already know – walking in the aspens at the ski basin, sitting on the shaded bank of a small creek, the incredible New Mexico sunsets – but they are not landscapes. There is nothing immediately identifiable in any of the paintings. Consequently, the viewer must engage with the work, going further and further in to find something she knows and recognizes. In that process, the viewer discovers that she is inside the painting, and inside herself. She has become integral with the landscape because the landscape has become the landscape of her own mind. In her new paintings, Allison captures a larger than life quality in minimalist works that are at once highly contemporary and timeless.

Destiny Allison‘s Dialectic is presented in a one woman show at Winterowd Fine Art. Both her sculptures and her new paintings will be on display. The sculptures might be considered the thesis. The paintings, the antithesis, and the culmulative exhibition is, ultimately, synthesis.

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