Contemporary Santa Fe Art Gallery on Historic Canyon Road

My Land is a group show of fresh, new contemporary Native painting, sculpture, ceramic, mixed media and textiles. My Land is an exhibition exploring artists’ ideas around nature and the politics of land. Each artist is drawing on his or her own interpretation of the exhibition’s title.

Canyon Road and Winterowd Fine Art make a beautiful backdrop for the exciting exhibition where the show’s artists come together to share their personal stories and connection with land.

Several artists draw on ‘pop’ular icons and color palettes from their cultures in beautiful and sometimes startling new ways. Others use traditional native materials and techniques to bring sculptural forms and textiles to a whole new level of perception and connection for the viewing audience.

Exhibition participants include Christine Nofchissey-McHorse, Joel McHorse, Jamison Chas Banks, Melissa Cody, Brian Coffin, Max Early, Melissa Melero, Douglas Miles, Chris Pappan, Silvester Hustito, Kathy Whitman-Elk Woman and Amber Gunn Gauthier. Silvester Hustito curated the artists in the exhibition, and works were selected in collaboration with Winterowd Fine Art.

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