Contemporary Santa Fe Art Gallery on Historic Canyon Road

Mark Castator steel sculpture exhibition at Winterowd Fine Art    March 19-31, 2010

Drawing in steel? That’s exactly the feeling of Mark Castator’s beautiful gestural evolving and devolving spheres, towers and wreathes. Shiny irregular steel edges and rich black scumbled sides form rectangles and squares and matte gray circles. Your eye moves up and around and through.  Then catches highlights and shadows of a vibrant grahite sheen. The viewer settles deeper and deeper into the form. Each angle offers a new visual trail to blaze. Finally, the experience becomes contemplative..and gray shapes could have been formed in graphite. Steel lines and shapes moving through space create the exciting gestural sculptures of Mark Castator.

These sculpture are rugged and yet elegant.  They are powerful in their simplicity of form.  It is easy to see that this artist is a master in his medium.


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