Contemporary Santa Fe Art Gallery on Historic Canyon Road

Jim Bagley: New Mexico Landscapes

WINTEROWD FINE ART announces an exhibition of new paintings by Jim Bagley.

Inspired by the forces of nature, landscape oil painter Jim Bagley comes across his subject matter while exploring the rural terrain of the West.  He finds beauty and tranquility within the calm of a storm and graceful movement in the sun dancing across the western plains.  His paintings express the brazen and majestic nature of the southwestern landscape.  Vistas of untouched lands offer the viewer a raw examination of nature at work, climate changing and a glimpse of the synergy of an evolving earth.

Bagley speaks frankly about his work:  “I am compelled to paint because I want to capture the awesome essence of what it feels like to be alone in nature. It is where I feel most alive is when I am out there and in the elements.  Painting is a good excuse to be in nature.  When you look at the panoramic view of nature, the sky is a big part of the landscape.  The sky determines what the land looks like; the way light floods the earth or maybe the light is illuminating the clouds.  It also depends on the time of day.  Most of my inspiration comes in the afternoon when the light begins to define the terrain.  What interests me is where the sky meets the earth.  There is usually some sort of clash there; at some moment there is an explosion of light like a thunderstorm or sometimes its soft like a sunset where the two merge quietly.  I just paint the wonder taking place before me.

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