Contemporary Santa Fe Art Gallery on Historic Canyon Road

“Most people don’t get out into nature the way I do. You can often find me in the woods and mountains hiking and plein air painting. I am the conduit,” says Jamie Kirkland, “of the immersion in nature experience for my viewers. I know emotionally what that feels like and I paint that for people.” Come see Jamie Kirkland’s pure joy in the beauty of New Mexico in her next and sixth solo exhibition at Winterowd Fine Art.
“I am hoping to create paintings that give you the experience of the delightful first days of Fall: the way the Aspen leaves catch the dazzling early morning light, the smell of the earth and that second in time a leaf falls.” As a consummate colorist Jamie is excited to interpret the experience of the season. The brilliant yellows and ochres inspired her palette for this show along with the siennas and umbers that serve to ground that brilliance.
Please join us for the Artist’s Talk, Friday, October 5th at 4:30 pm. After the talk stay on and join us for the opening of this exhibition where Jamie Kirkland will be present, Friday, October 5th from 5 -7 pm.
The exhibition is available for viewing at Winterowd Fine Art October 5th through 18th.

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