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James Marshall Ceramic Sculpture Exhibition at Winterowd Fine Art

Color Field Painting meets Sculpture at WINTEROWD FINE ART with this transcendent exhibition by the artist James Marshall.

In what Clement Greenberg might have termed “Three Dimensional Post Painterly Abstraction”, Mr. Marshall simultaneously pushes the boundaries of Color Field whilst redefining the medium of sculpture. In his use of what is now a non-existent pigment glaze, his work achieves what has not been achieved for decades:  that of the next level of color application.

Evolving beyond the great canvasses of the Post-War generation, with the era’s primary focus on color and form, Mr. Marshall’s color fields are aggressively represented within the Large Sculptural Object, thereby forcing the forms themselves onto a three dimensional plane, with the proverbial “push and pull” of the composition entering into the actual physical space surrounding the viewer.  If Rothko believed that “color was merely an instrument”, then Mr. Marshall’s work would be testimony to the statement “color and form ARE the instruments”:  the instruments to which we glimpse a little closer at the universal truths which inform our very existence.

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