Contemporary Santa Fe Art Gallery on Historic Canyon Road

James Gasowski, contemporary abstract painter, exhibition at Winterowd Fine Art

Abstract painter James Gasowski offers an explosion of color and mark making in a way that seems completely free and soulful.  His execution when painting is immediate and honest. These are unpretentious lines that rebel against defining space, but inadvertently project volumes of depth toward the viewer, or allow hidden passages to recede.  His signature line paintings are built line upon line so the base scaffolding becomes a stage; setting the tone for interpretation of the final layers.  The artist presents the viewer with two choices: deciphering the order out of chaos OR succumbing to the chaos.

Within Gasowski’s paintings one is given freedom to wonder through the maze of repetitious line and shapes.  They offer us a way to penetrate though our logical mind to bend an ear to the subconscious. This newest series of paintings offer a complex interpretation of our modern world  and a reflection of our current US climate; trying to make sense out of chaos.  Were most of this artists work is art for art sake, these new works are more politically charged; a sign of the times. The artist invites the viewer to interpret these marks by unlocking the key to their own psyche.

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