Contemporary Santa Fe Art Gallery on Historic Canyon Road

Ines Kramer urban landscape exhibition at Winterowd Fine Art

I’m fascinated by the way, in the midst of the ordinary distractions of life (traffic, advertising, phones, mail, breaking news, broken zippers, squeaking gates, barking dogs….), we find the quiet spaces we need to renew ourselves. They are internal and external, consciously planned and unconsciously found: comfortable chairs tucked into corners, private gardens on rooftops, public squares in the middle of cities, moments stolen for daydreams.

In taking the photographs I use as collage in my paintings, I am drawn as much to the visual noise and chaos as to the tranquil, hidden surprises of the cities I spend time exploring. As I slow down on these walks, I can find perfection in the layering of street signs at a five way intersection, as well as in a collection of geranium pots on a worn stone stoop.

Later, I sift through the images, looking for the combination that captures the intensely private, fleeting moments of perfect serenity I stumbled on during those trips. Creating composites of several places, I paint the sanctuaries I would like to escape to, nap in, or share with a friend.

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