Contemporary Santa Fe Art Gallery on Historic Canyon Road

June 1 – 19, 2014  This group exhibition presents 6 (six) artists who have skillfully coaxed glass into form by blowing, carving, casting and kiln-forming. Glass is the seductive medium common to all the sculpture in the exhibition. The precise and varied work speaks of sensual forms, like Harry Pollitt’s sculptures that capture a moment of perceived motion. Karen Bexfield’s sculpture has the appearance of solid ice pulling apart in the melting process. Her sculptures are delicate in appearance but strong in form, they capture life’s spontaneity. Alex Bernstein’s cast and carved glass incorporate textures and suggest vines or growth happening in and around them – the passing of time and nature. Cia Thorne’s blown glass and forged steel sculpture captures the wild energy of Tohil, Mayan God of Fire. Peter Wright’s shapely blown botanicals, and evocative spirit jars, along with his richly colored and crackled seed sculptures dance upon their pedestals. Kay Hamilton’s glass sculptures convey the assurances of simple, everyday things. The domestic in its most basic sense inspires her. She captures the fleeting nature of an organic object such as a nest, in a medium that is itself temporary.

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