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Fritz Scholder: Native Artist, an exhibition at Winterowd Fine Art

Fritz Scholder’s influence on painters of Santa Fe is apparent.  He brought expressionism to our world and broke the mold of how we view Native Art.  His bold approach to painting was revered and highly sought after.  He has been the subject of books, documentaries, and museums loved his vision.

The Smithsonian: National Museum of the American Indian (NMAI) will host an exhibition of his work beginning October 30th 2008 and will run through September of 2009 in both DC & New York branches.   With the announcement of this exhibition Mr. Scholder’s legacy will certainly gain a higher level of national recognition beyond the southwest.

Scholder painted from the gut with strength and power.  He painted honestly.  His passion is apparent in all forms of media:  painting, drawing, printing and sculpture.  This artist showed us  a rare insight into the psychi of  his soul through creating work that had spiritual connection and relevance.  His art was a celebration of life .  In the late 80’s Mr. Scholder’s trip to Egypt left a permenate impression.  His desire to learn and explore ideas of afterlife began an obsession within this painter work.  Pyramids, sarcophagus, doorways to the after-world appeared in his art.  His spiritual connection and exploration took center stage within his work.  The honesty of this shift within his work stirs the soul and challenges the viewer.  This is why we all find Fritz Scholder’s work some of the most exciting Native painting created to date.

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