Contemporary Santa Fe Art Gallery on Historic Canyon Road

Emilio Lobato (one of our gallery artists) has created some amazing tribal inspired jewelry for us.  We all had a fabulous time with Emilio at the gallery discussing art and the arto of ornamentation.

“We’ve long been taught that “the accessory makes the outfit”. I’ve rejected this precept. I’ve designed and assembled jewelry that IS the outfit.” Emilio continues, “Since ancient times humans have adorned themselves for political, religious and social reasons. Adornment has been used to display wealth and status in the community or to make oneself sexually attractive. Scores of aboriginal groups depend on the healing properties of items worn by shamans and healers. Growing up in the Southwest my first encounter with personal adornment has been the wonderful show of wealth and tradition practiced by the Pueblo people. Since childhood I’ve admired the jewelry that has been passed down through generations of families and proudly worn for ceremony.

In this collection I’ve been moved to create necklaceseljewelry that are inspired by photos and stories of aboriginal groups. I’ve also taken into consideration my fascination with fashion. These pieces have been thoughtfully hand crafted using vintage and contemporary beads, repurposed objects such as women’s face powder compacts, just to name a few. This collection is bold, with special consideration given to color, materials, as well as giving ‘voice’ to the ceremonial and spiritual expressions which were of utmost importance of generations past.”

Emilio Lobato: Dancing in the Dark,  a Trunk Show of Tribal Inspired Adornment for ceremony and celebration. Historic, vintage and modern beads & repurposed objects have been fashioned by Winterowd Fine Art gallery artist Emilio Lobato

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