Contemporary Santa Fe Art Gallery on Historic Canyon Road

Winterowd Fine Art announces Shared Geometry an exhibition of Emilio Lobato paintings and James Marshall glazed ceramic sculptures.

Lobato and Marshall share an exciting understanding and faith in geometry. In this case, shape used to express the indescribable. Both men use iconic forms as a universal language. Lobato and Marshall intend for their work to go beyond self-expression. James Marshall clarifies, “My exploration begins with geometric shapes. As I draw those shapes, and play with them, and work with them, and invite them to transform, they shift into something almost recognizable, yet not quite; geometry relaxes, becomes fluid, organic, sensuous, and the object-to-be emerges. The mediums that I choose are mutable and plastic and lend themselves naturally to the metaphor and exploration of emergence, becoming, and the liminal.” Emilio Lobato notes how well the works “speak to each other.” “Our palettes and a sense of underlying order are quite complementary.” Lobato comments that Marshall’s media, clay, “is ancient yet modern.” Emilio Lobato, too, is inspired by the very old and the disciplined. Lobato speaks of building his surface one strand at a time, “the way a life is built.” Both of Emilio’s grandfathers were weavers and his admiration for the vertical weavings of the Navajo are visible in his paintings, and provide a referential starting point for the viewer. Lobato is an artist present in today, aware of the past. The meditative quality of his paintings, the bands of color and the grid evoke the work of Agnes Martin. Words like duality, equity and transcendent describe Lobato’s painting. His use of black supplies the paintings with depth, drama and narrative. Both Marshall and Lobato are masters of red and black.

Our opening is in conjunction with a thirty-year retrospective of Emilio Lobato’s paintings at The Colorado Springs Arts Center, March 5-May 22, 2011.

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