Contemporary Santa Fe Art Gallery on Historic Canyon Road

Don Quade contemporary paintings exhibition at Winterowd Fine Art

Don Quade’s patinaed paintings are journals of the life that begins within the garden. In his paintings the artist has imagined the musings and described the trails of the plentiful butterflies in flight in his garden.

Don Quade’s exciting new paintings are a result of the sustained exploration of nature and the continuity of design in the great nearby and far away. Tendrils of color evoke the flight of the butterfly through the garden. The blocks of color call to mind rural farm lands roads as they appear from the window of a plane, or the whirling trajectory of a planet through space. Black lines and pencil drawings lie on top of and dig into popping fall colors. Coppery browns, olive greens and reds rest below cool sea foam and sapphire blues.

The air of spontaneity and flowing line transmits delight in things both grand and small. The romantic symbolic elements of antique papers and hand written sheet music, tiny copper nails and graphite drawing over layers of pigment on wood panel is an evocative offering to both suggestive and sublime effect.

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