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Destiny Allison, steel sculpture, exhibition at Winterowd Fine Art

Sculptor Destiny Allison welds steel to form a complex balance of hard and soft lines each boldly complimenting the other.  Her forms have energy and movement as well as subtle nuance.  Shapes stacked upon shapes appear to defy gravity and intrigue her audience.

For the artist, each piece has a story reflecting the depth and complexity of daily life.  Each shape becomes a symbol that builds into a visual language which the artist uses to describe how she sees the world.  The viewer need not know the story line in order to appreciate the art; rather the artist offers this as another connection for the observer.

The exhibition will feature both freestanding sculptures and wall sculptures.  “Wall sculptures are rare to find,” says Karla Winterowd director of Winterowd Fine Art.   She adds, “Destiny Allison is continuously challenging her medium.  Her patinaed surfaces are truly sophisticated.  While most steel sculptors only use one or two finishes, the colors Allison captures on the steel surfaces feel as complex as many we see in bronze.”  It took the artist years of experimentation to create such a wide range of color variation. The result is an explosion of form and color melding into one.  “Destiny Allison’s work brings a dynamic element to any space.  This is sure to be an exciting show.”

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