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Contemporary Santa Fe Art Gallery on Historic Canyon Road

A delightful exhibition of new objects created by Carol Ware graces the space of our gallery on Canyon Road. Carol Ware’s hand held quirky bronzes are delightful and curious objects of pleasure.

Her one-of-a-kind bronze sculptures are cast from things that blew her way: playful objects from unknown places and times. The artist uses all manner of interesting ceremonial, archetypal objects mingled with adapted cat toys, chess pieces and cutlery.

The artist explains, “This is a whimsical series of work-toys, wiffle balls, measuring spoons and game pieces restructured; some into fossils of a long lost (or maybe future) creature and others into toys and utensils from a long lost (or maybe future) civilization. Who would have used a spoon with a leftover mechanical piece and sand to tell time? Which method is still functional? Who might have served from a spoon encircled by camels and what special concoctions were these spoons for? What would the animal have looked like who had this series of vertebrae?”

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