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Alex Gabriel Bernstein, glass sculpture, exhibition at Winterowd Fine Art

A powerful harmony exists between the delicate elegance of glass next to the raw rusted surface of steel found in an Alex Gabriel Bernstein sculpture.  The dissonant nature of the two materials somehow finds a perfect world together.

His sculptures begin at the kiln.  Alex casts blocks of glass into shapes he then carves.  The glass takes transformation under the blade of a wet cutting saw, polishing tools and hand chisels.  With each slice of the saw and each blow of the hammer, the sculpture is continuously in danger of ruin.  This deconstruction is what makes this sculptors work so unique.  The textural movement of the glass appears more like feathers on a bird than what we know of as a fragile surface.  He challenges the casual observer’s perception what glass can do, how it can be shaped and formed.  The shapes his sculptures take are quite natural, yet unfamiliar.  They remind us of glaciers, waterfalls, stacked slate, a bird’s wing, geysers, seeds sprouting out of earth, rugged canyon walls, stalactites, jutting flames and oceanic waves. Though not a direct representation of any of these natural forms, there is something enigmatically familiar about them.  They explore concepts of time, creation, transformation and the fragility of our environment.

The son of glass artists William & Katherine Bernstein, Alex was encouraged to make art in the studio at a young age.  He met & worked with many leading figures in the art glass movement under thier parental wing.  Alex thrived in this environment of learning. His intimate knowledge of glass allows a free exploration of the glass medium that is admired by artists and collectors alike. Bernstein received an MFA in glass sculpture from the School for American Crafts at RIT.  Widely collected, Alex Gabriel Bernstein’s sculpture can be found in the Corning Museum of Glass, the Glasmuseum Frauenau, the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, and the Palm Spring Art Museum to name a few.

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